Earring Hanger

44.00 AED

Use this 3D Printed Earring Hanger which will help you to organize your earrings easily. Assemble your earrings by pinning them on the small gap between the strips.

Material: PLA (Biodegradable Plastic)

Weight: 60g


What is This?

Here is a 3D Printed Earring Hanger that will give an attractive display to your earring collection. It is made from bio-degradable material called PLA which is good for the environment. You can place earrings of any size which will help you to find the right earring easily. Assemble your earrings by pinning them on the small gap between the strips.

This Earring Hanger has the following benefits:-

  1. Attractive Display of your earring collection
  2. Finding the right earring set is much faster & organized
  3. Can hold as many as 25-30 earrings set
  4. Different sizes of earrings can be fit without collision due to their tilted angle

Who Is This For?

This product is useful for any woman who regularly spends time looking for earrings when they get ready for the day. Now you can save more time in selecting earrings by using this earring hanger.

What Inspired It?

My family member came to me with a box full of earrings. It took a while for her to search and find the right earring so she wishes if there was a better way to organize all these earrings. That’s when we realized that if we create an Earring Hanger that can show all earrings at the same time in an organized way then it should solve the problem. I started designing & 3D printed the first prototype. All earrings were able to fit perfectly but they could be made more sturdy. So I modified the design by increasing thickness & adding reinforcement at the bottom. This ended up being our final product in the end.

Product Features

1) Compatibility

This earring hanger is made universal for all types of earrings. Whether your earrings are small, big, or round, they can all fit in the same way by using the pin at the back. Small earrings can be placed at the bottom while larger earrings can be placed at the top for optimum space use.

2) lightweight design

The earring hanger has a hollow design to have a minimum amount of materials to reduce weight which makes it easier for consumers to carry their product. Moreover, the strength of product is added on the base with thicker material and reinforced ribs. This is to create a long-lasting product that is customer-friendly.

3) Attractive Display & Space

One of the important details of the 3D printed Earring hanger is the 65-degree tilt. This angle serves multiple purposes. It gives more stability & space to earrings but also shows an attractive display on the front of the product. This way the above stand can even be used as a home decoration.




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