Sculpture Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility has the capability of 3D printing your sculpture of any size with 0.05mm of accuracy. Based on your requirement & budget, we decide the manufacturing process that is suitable to your personalized needs. We do all our processes in-house from Design, manufacturing, and Paint finish. Hence, giving you a complete package solution.


The traditional method of making a sculpture is either through a CNC machine or handcrafting. The main problem with the handcrafting method is that it requires a lot of time to build a model through cutting and trimming the surface and the final model will not be accurate to the design. Another option is using a CNC machine but all the sculptures are complex in size where 5-axis Robot CNC machines need to be used. These types of 5 axis machining are expensive and only economical for creating large-size models.

Hence, 3D printing manufacturing is the latest option that can be used to build sculptures. 3D printing is less expensive compared to all the methods and provides a precision of 0.1mm. Macoma Tech has a 3D printing farm which allows us to produce multiple pieces and reduce the lead time of the project.

Manufacturing sculptures not only requires complex skills in 3D design & manufacturing but also extraordinary skills in the artistic finish. It doesn’t matter if the design is good while the sculpture surface is not visually appealing. With our experience in 3D printing, we can manufacture your creative design with high precision and do multi-color surface finishing.


Benefits of 3D Printing your sculpture:-

  1. The sculpture is fabricated with a precision of 0.1mm
  2. more economical compared to the traditional method
  3. Faster Lead time
  4. Easier to apply paint finish after manufacturing


Our Process



Using 3DS Max or Blender, we create a sculpture model based on the images provided. You can see the above sculpture design as an example. If the model is a replica of an existing physical model then we follow the process of photogrammetry to produce the copy. You can find more info about photogrammetry on our reverse engineering page.


Manufacturing Strategy

Manufacturing depends on the size of the object. Depending on the shape & size of the object, different manufacturing techniques of 3D printing, CNC machine, or wires cutting can be used. The above sculpture was made using SLA resin printing.

Our Strategy:-

  1. If the sculpture is small (within 40cm) then it can be done with a resin printer since that has the highest resolution.
  2. If the sculpture is medium size (within 1m) then it will be done with a combination of FDM & SLA printers
  3. If the sculpture is large (greater than 1m) then it is cost-effective to manufacture by foam wire cutting with detailed parts made from FDM & SLA printers.


Post Processing

Once the sculpture parts are produced. A series of production techniques like sanding, body filler, primer, and paint is applied to smooth the surface. Small details get colored by airbrushing or hand painting to add life to your sculpture. Above is the example of one of the Mortal Kombat gaming sculptures which was paint finished.


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