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Manufacturing Capabilities

3d printing in UAE

Shape & Size

Capable of producing parts of any complexity and dimension requirements.

3d printing Services in UAE parts

Material Selection

Various types of material from Plastic & Resin which will be suitable for your application.

3d printing service uae

Post Processing

Covers removal of support structures, sanding or polishing away the imperfections, and application of suitable paint or coating as required.

3D printing industrial models in UAE

Fast Turnaround

Next day door-step delivery service for UAE customers

Projects Undertaken


Built a 3D model of a building. The structure was built using resin, then painted with airbrush to achieve the desired look.

decor hands

3D Printed Custom home decoration product with metallic paint finish

golden book

Concept ➡️ Design ➡️ 3D Printing ➡️ Golden Paint Finish

house model

Building model that was printed and paint finished with decorations.

beirut blast

New concept architecture model for showcasing beirut bomb blast rebuild for humatarian purpose

3d Printing Service Ajman, Dubai, UAE

3D printing has brought revolution to many industries and made manufacturing more productive and precise than ever. In case you’re looking for a reliable company offering 3D printing of industrial models in the UAE, you’re at the right place.

Macoma Tech is your go-to company for 3D printing services in the UAE. Our expertise in this sought after manufacturing technique allows us to serve our clients with their specific design needs, ensuring the best optimization and least chances of error.

Why Macoma Tech?

We excel in what we do. We let our work speak. Being a 3D printing company, we understand that 3D printing is not a single technique, rather a regrouping of several manufacturing methods. Connect with us to discuss your requirements and see how we come up with the best suited technique and material recommendation for your exact needs.

Speed up prototyping, save time

Someone looking for 3D printing in Ajman might assume it to be a time-consuming process because of the complexity involved. However, that’s not the truth. You’ll be amazed seeing how it totally skips the lengthy weeklong process of mold creation. It is as simple as turning your idea into a 3D model and then 3D printing it. In case you’re not happy with the first prototype, you can simply modify your 3D model and reprint it.

Call us for 3D model printing in Dubai

3D printing is not limited to any one industry. In fact, there are only a few industries that have not been able to apply it to their processes. The technology has already redefined manufacturing in various industries, including but not limited to aerospace, dental and hearing aids, jewelry, military aeronautics, etc.

To know more about 3D model printing in Dubai and related assistance, call one of our team members at +971 55 3242 868 or write to us at info@macomatech.com.


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