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Scale Model Maker Dubai

Gone are the days when clients had to wait for weeks for one architectural model to get ready. Now you can get the exact prototype of the
design you want to present at a meeting within a surprisingly short time. MACOMA TECH is proud to be the leading name in the 3D model designing and
printing industry.  Macoma has a repute of being the best model maker dubai company.

With our state-of-the-art technology and expert professionals, we have helped many businesses succeed at their grandiose
project presentations and sales strategies. Moreover, you can get a customized scale model of a structure you like. We are open to personalization and
choosing colors, materials, and sizes you prefer.

Enhancing presentations and promoting sales | 3D model maker

Whether you want to promote sales or create a strategy using a scaled model of your project, MACOMA TECH 3D model maker and printing can meet all your needs. From prototypes to architectural models, you’ll get your grand idea laid down at the table with precision. Not only does it demonstrate every tiny detail of the actual structure, but also preserves the grace and beauty of your project. The more excellent your scale model is, the closer you are to signing off a deal.

Macoma Tech is Your Go-to Model Maker in Dubai, UAE

Have you been looking for an experienced model maker in Dubai, UAE but not able to find one yet? Well, your search ends right here!

Macoma Tech is among the most celebrated model makers with expertise in a wide variety of models, including industrial models, corporate awards, miniature models, ship models, cosplay props, replicas, architectural models and more. We pride ourselves in having advanced manufacturing capabilities that help us come up with a model way better than your expectations.

We’re always ready to help you with the best 3D models!

Our team is always ready to assist clients with their specific needs. We understand the diversity present across industries and are prepared to bring the needed essence in each creation. We understand the importance of using the right materials for different scale models and have access to cutting edge technologies that allow us to bring the WOW effect in everything that we deliver.

Key to lead generation

We understand the business! In case you’re planning an exhibition, we can help you with a 3D model that you can use as a lead generation tool for your business. It all starts with a carefully crafted model that conveys the message at the very first glance!

Let’s connect!

A model is not just a display item; it is a tool to get insight into details that a sketch would never be able to provide. You can better visualize the final structure much before it is built with the help of a model. Connect with us to discuss your unique requirements, and we’ll be happy to take it forward.

If you’re looking for a model maker in Dubai, UAE, call one of our team members at +971 55 3242 868 or write to us at


Let's walk you through the process of making 3D models

Our Process

Manufacturing Plan

We create a detailed plan which decides the split lines, type of machine used and painting procedures to ensure a best quality product.


In the manufacturing process, we start by developing a comprehensive plan that covers crucial elements such as split lines, machine selection, and painting procedures, to make sure that our production is of high quality.

Moving on to the production stage, we use advanced technologies like 3D printers, laser cutting, and CNC machines to make precise parts with an accuracy level of 0.025mm.

Once the parts are ready, we sand, prime, and polish the surface to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surface. This makes sure that the surface is smooth before applying the final coat of spray paint.

To bring the model to life and achieve an excellent level of precision, we use various techniques such as shading with an airbrush and detailed hand painting, which adds more depth to the final product.

Design is send to our 3D printers, laser cutting & CNC machine which create parts with accuracy of 0.025mm.

Paint Finish

A series of sanding, priming & polishing is done to smooth the surface before spray painting

Artistic Touch

More depth is added to the model by shading with airbrush & hand painting for a detailed look.

Our Portfolio


Scaffolding scaled model & landscaping


Container model that was 3D printed and paint finished with details.


3D Printed large scale miniature at GITEX Exhibition

Why Choose us for professional scale model building? Architectural Scale Models Maker

Getting your scaled models and architectural designs ready for a big project is quite a responsibility. A lot depends on the quality and finishing of your 3D models. So choosing the right company for 3D models is crucial. MACOMA TECH guarantees excellence in our work. Why us:

Attention to detail: Macoma Tech approach ensures every complex detail is flawlessly executed. We deliver a product that stands out in its precision and craftsmanship for our prospects.

Customization: Macoma prioritizes your satisfaction. Hence, we take your preferences and choices into account. We provide A to Z custom options from color to material Macoma decides how the final product will turn out to be.

Short turnaround time: Macoma has efficient process and ceaseless workability. We take care of the time frame and try to deliver beforehand with utter quality and satisfaction.

Modern technology:  We have in-house state of the art technology and equipment to ensure cutting edge products. The modern equipment takes us ahead of the modern day competition. 

Ready to present your project in the market? Contact MACOMA TECH today!

We are more than happy to render our 3D model-making services to innovative businesses and creative individuals like you. Macoma Tech will help you in building a miniature of your next building with absolute precision. If you are looking to start, you can contact us and roll the ball. 

Send your design file with your requirements and we come up with an effective solution

"Scale model is the foundation for selling a large project"

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