Design Process

Here is the step by step design design process to build a feasible solution.


The first step involves maping-out requirements and brainstorming possible solutions through sketches


Once the concept is agreed upon, the software version of the 3D model is built


Analysis such as simulation & motion study is conducted on the model to validate the final design


Once the design is tested, 2D technical drawing is traced to prepare for manufacturing

3D Modelling

3D design software is used to create a detailed model of the requirement. This is where complex mechanism are created by applying engineering princples to build a functioning product.


Analysis such as stress-strain, motion study & simulation is conducted on the 3D model to validate the real life implications of the model before producing the physical product.

Electronics Design

Developing smart technology requires knowledge of both mechanical & electronics disciplines so that multiple systems can be integrated together.

Cost Optimization​

2D drawings of the product with appropriate manufacturing procedures will aid in producing the parts in a cost effective method.

3D Modelling

Using 3D design software to create complex mechanism


Using analysis like stress-strain, motion study & different types of simulation. We can validate if the design will work in real life or not before producing a physical object.


We create 2D drawings at the end of design so that you can manufacture your parts without any problem.

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