Engineering Design Service

Design Process

The engineering design process is a creative process where multiple ideas are analysed to find an optimal solution. Once the solution is finalized upon the process becomes iterative, each iteration aids the engineering team in solving any unforesceen issues and make required improvements along the process to attain quality solutions.


Outline the requirements and brainstorm all the possible solutions through design


Once the concept is acknowledged, software version of the 3D model is fabricated


Simulation and motion study is supervised on the model to validate the final design


Design is evaluated and 2D technical drawing is developed to prepare for manufacturing.

3D Modelling

3D design software is used to create a detailed model of the prerequisite. A complex mechanism is created by applying engineering principles to build a functioning product.


Stress strain, Motion Study, and Simulation is conducted on the 3D model to validate real life implications of the model before producing the physical product

Electronics Design

Developing smart technology requires sound knowledge of both mechanical and electronics disciplines that helps to integrate multiple systems together.

Cost Optimization​

Appropriate manufacturing drawings will aid in producing the parts in a cost effective technique

3D Modelling

Using 3D design software to create complex mechanism


Using analysis like stress-strain, motion study & different types of simulation. We can validate if the design will work in real life or not before producing a physical object.


We create 2D drawings at the end of design so that you can manufacture your parts without any problem.

"Design is the silent ambassator of your brand" - Paul Rand

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