Cog Flower Vase

70.00 AED

Use this Flower Vase to decorate your house and give an attractive look to the environment. Perfect for someone who wants to give a new look to their flower collection.

Note: Flowers are not included with the product

Material: PLA (Environment-friendly Plastic)

Dimension: 11×11×15cm

Weight: 116g

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What Is This?

This is a 3D Printed Flower Vase made from environment friendly plastic material. The flower vase has an attractive design which is great for decoration in your home and can hold large flowers.

Benefits of 3D Printed Flower Vase:-

  1. Great decoration for your home
  2. Its size can accommodate large flowers
  3. The vase is made from a translucent material which makes it glow when LED is placed under it

Who Is This For?

Anyone who is looking to place a decorative item in their house especially with flowers. This new Flower Vase will give an additional aesthetic look to your flower collection.

What Inspired It?

We planned an event where many families were gathered at our house. During that time we were placing few home decor items and I got an idea to 3D print a vase. I got the flowers with LED lights from nearby store & 3D printed this Flower Vase. When the guest arrived, they were impressed with this Vase and asked me to make one for them.




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