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Simplified Guide of Making Mega FIFA World Cup

During the time of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Dubai, a brilliant idea crossed my mind: What if I were to create a large-sized FIFA World Cup replica and sell it online, potentially raking in profits?

Although things didn’t unfold according to my original plan, this 50cm-tall FIFA Cup replica ended up becoming a captivating feature in my factory.

Step 1: 3D Printing Strategy

My Prusa army was engaged in the creation of the large-sized FIFA masterpiece. Scaling down the FIFA World Cup to a 50cm height was a deliberate choice, aimed at producing the base of the trophy as a single component to simplify post-processing and minimize costs.

The images illustrate the step-by-step 3D printing process, culminating in the meticulous assembly of the individual components. Employing my squadron of Prusa printers, we accomplished the 3D printing over a span of two days. While this endeavor could theoretically have been completed within a single day, as you might have guessed, we encountered some minor print failures along the way.

Nevertheless, I am content with the level of print quality achieved. Every intricate detail of the design was meticulously captured.

Step 2: Surface Finishing

Our efforts extended to closing gaps with body filler, applying multiple layers of primer, and refining the surface to perfection. Throughout the post-processing phase, my primary concern was to preserve every detail while avoiding any loss that might arise during the painting process.

My team executed a commendable job in restoring the surface. Despite this achievement, a series of experiments were required to pinpoint the precise paint hue utilized on the authentic FIFA Cup. Following trials with two to three different paint samples, we ultimately succeeded in identifying the perfect shade of gold.

Step 3: Gloss Coating

The crowning touch was the application of a gloss coating, bestowing a resplendent allure upon the finished product. The luminous sheen emanating from the replica evokes the essence of a legendary triumph.

Taking advantage of my photo booth, I meticulously captured captivating images, which were subsequently showcased on my website to bolster marketing efforts.

Now, the pivotal question: Did I amass substantial profits?

The answer, alas, is ‘No‘.

Regrettably, my Google Shopping ads remained dormant, only commencing their functionality after the culmination of the FIFA World Cup. Thus, my million-dollar business blueprint encountered an unexpected setback.

Nevertheless, as the curtain fell on this endeavor, what remains is a testament to my dedication – a true masterpiece. Gazing upon this representation of the World Cup trophy evokes within me a profound sense of pride, surpassing mere financial gain.

While my devotion to FIFA may not be unwavering, this trophy was a fruit of my experiment. Should anyone desire to acquire this grand replica of the FIFA Cup, feel free to get in touch with me 🙂

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