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4 Types of Suppliers You Must Have for Exhibitions & Events

Events and exhibition suppliers fall into different categories. See which one is suitable for your project:-

  1. Corporate gifting companies

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These companies take standard products like USB, power bank and many items. Apply your company logo and give it to you so you can do marketing in Events. This is the easiest route you can take. Promotional is one company that is expert in this field.

  1. Printing Company

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if you are going to events then you will probably need brochures and marketing materials to distribute. That’s where companies like CoArt come to help you. They also do exhibitions stall setup and signages which is great.

  1. Technology Display

Extreme Realistic Printed 3D Holograms - drupa

If you want hi-tech display like holograms, movable screen and mechatronics art then you need to have a must visit at Enginous warehouse in Dubai. They create mind blowing technology to mesmerise your audience.

  1. 3D Printing Companies

If you need to create custom models or miniature models to display in events then hiring a 3D printing company is your best bet. That is the expertise of Macoma Tech where we create detailed models with perfect finish so you can sell your grand idea.

There could be other miscellaneous requirements for events suppliers but the above categories and companies should help you most of the way.

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