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BEWARE: 4 Facts of 3D Printing Companies Before Hiring Them!

There is a lot of things you can do with 3d printing now. However, not many people know much about 3d printing companies and still end up hiring wrong companies, paying a huge price.

Different 3D Printing Companies are specialized in different types of manufacturing.

What you need is to find 3D Printing Companies that are best for your projects!

Here are 3D Printing Companies with different specializations:-

1) Engineering Parts

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These companies make engineering-grade items with high strength, accuracy, and tolerance. These types of companies use SLS or Industrial SLA technology to produce reliable parts

2) Model Making

These companies make projects with exceptional details and finishes. Their painting facilities are the main USP and you can get many attractive looking products. If you are looking to create a miniature project for Exhibitions showcasing models, display models and presentation items then these companies can help better.

3) Large Size Printing

These 3D Printing Companies have large machines that make huge objects in one shot. Most 3D Printing Companies cut parts in multiple pieces, join them and apply paint finish. Having large-scale printing cuts down the cost by eliminating the need of assembly and finishing. Also, it produces a stronger piece at a faster rate if it’s made in one piece.

4) Batch Production Printing

These 3D Printing Companies are good at production at volume. They could have machines that can produce objects faster with Multicolor or a molding facility to batch-produce parts at a lower cost. If you have large quantity orders with at least 100–500 qty then they are a right fit.

So here is the main type of specialty that exists in the market from my 5 years of staying in the 3D Printing Business. Definitely, new types of technology and specialty will be coming soon.

Hoping this was helpful.

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