The use of 3D printing in Movies

The use of 3D printing in Movies

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3D printing has already made a significant impact on the globe, and it will continue to do so in the future. 3D printing has a wide range of applications; it can be used to build a wide range of shapes and structures from a variety of materials. Similarly, the world of filmmaking is another area where 3D shows its full potential. Therefore it’s easy to understand why filmmakers want to utilize the futuristic possibilities of 3D printing.

Why 3D printing is used in films

Filmmakers have noticed that the best way to create a real like movie is by using real objects, real accessories, and costumes to get the optimum result on the screen. Films are more and more expensive, studios and investors more and more demanding and want to use the cheapest techniques. The best way to create custom-made objects for a lower cost is possible due to additive manufacturing. 3D printing materials are cheaper as compared to traditional materials used. It is possible to use 3D printing for various applications right from props making to set designing. The technology is used to the fullest by prop makers, filmmakers, and costume designers on different levels. 3D printing also enables the creation of props of the director’s idea quickly and inexpensively. It saves time as no special material and preparation are needed. It is feasible to create a duplicate prop without any fuss, so there’s no need to worry that it might become damaged.

How 3D printing is used in the film industry: The best projects

1.Jurrasic World

Dinosaurs have been extinct for thousands of years, but due to 3D printing technology, paleontologists and other enthusiasts have replicated their features. The use of 3D printing is very well showcased in Jurrasic World. 3D scanned bones and fossils were used to create replicas of prehistoric artifacts for the movie Jurrasic World.  The team 3D printed bones to create effects close to reality. 3D printing allowed them to print various dinosaur skeletons by modifying the 3D files. This feature gave them the freedom to adjust the design of dinosaurs and make them look as realistic as possible.

2.Queen Ramonda’s costume in Black Panther

Marvel is one of the production companies that is integrating 3D printing into their films. The film industry is making use of 3D printing to create custom-made costumes in short timeframes. Julia Koerner, designer, and Ruth Carter, costume designer collaborated to create Queen Ramonda’s look by mixing traditional African culture with new-age technology. Indeed, 3D printed clothes are an asset for the film industry. The custom-made piece was made to reflect the personality of the character. 3D printing has made it possible by this accurate and impressive costume. This example shows the potential of 3D printing technology in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. Iron Man’s Suit

We continue with 3D printed applications in Marvel movies with the famous Iron Man suit. The suit was created by Jason Lopes the American special effects studio Legacy Effects. He wanted to create objects that the hero could wear on the set. He avoided the molding process as it was a wastage of time and money. That’s when he turned to 3D printing to create Iron Man’s costume. Using this technology he made a suit that perfectly fits the hero.

4.Chase Me Movie

Chase me is an animated short film that employs 3D printing to create a unique and weird realm. To create the whole universe of this short film, 2 500 components were 3D printed. Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud, the director, spent two years 3D manufacturing all of the parts for this film. The 3D-printed puppets have a resolution of 100 microns, and the four-second sequence took about a week to create. 3D printing was used to make custom parts fit with the atmosphere of the movie.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise is another Marvel blockbuster that uses 3D printing. In the movie prop specialists FBFX Ltd used 3D printing to make Star-Lord’s mask as well as the armor costume for the character Korath, this was the first time that a fully 3D printed costume was worn in a film. The team used an Objet500 Connex printer, which uses Stratasys’ PolyJet technology to blend several colors and materials into a single product. Prop Shop, a props company based in the United Kingdom, also worked on Guardians of the Galaxy. 3D printing was used to create some of the classic weapons as well as ship pieces.

More and more filmmakers will undoubtedly begin to use this technology to create parts for their films in the future. We have created props for several movies one of them is the Arabic movie ‘Tree of Life”. If you’re working on film production and want to use 3D printing to make props, prototypes, or refine the designs of some of your characters? Send us your 3D files right now or get on a 15mins free call, and we’ll handle the rest.

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