Lithophane: A stunning way to capture your loved ones memories

Lithophane: The best way to 3D print your photos

It was time for him to reach the airport. She was sad because her partner was going to another city. A long-distance relationship has a lot of complications, she thought. She was in tears but guys always know how to soothe their partner. He took out a wrapped box from his bag and gave it to her. When she opened the box there was a lamp. After seeing her confused face he took the lamp and lit it from behind. To her surprise, she saw their photo on the lamp. After seeing the joy on her face he said, “Just like this glowing lamp, our relation will also glow in this dark phase.”

I know you might be thinking of gifting a similar lamp to your loved ones too. Imagine gifting a lamp like this to your loved ones and seeing them happy. But before that let’s see what it is and how it is made!

3D printing technology has gotten a lot of attention because it allows rapid prototyping as well as an easy and clean way to produce complex shapes. One of the diverse applications of 3D printing is lithophane printing technology, which converts 2D images to 3D objects. Making pictures into 3D things gives them more emotion and adds a new depth to them. Lithophanes are a simple method to improve your favorite images among the various options. Lithophanes are embossed photographs produced by a 3D printer. At first glance, the print results don’t appear to be very impressive but shine a light through it and you’ll be astonished by the details. Light passes through the thin sections while being obstructed by the thick parts, which is how it works. The changes in light bring out the image details in the best way.

What is Lithophane?

Lithophane is a very thin translucent porcelain that is only visible when backlit with a light source. It is a three-dimensional image that varies depending on the amount and quality of the light it receives. The small light portions allow more light to flow through, while the thicker areas appear darker. It was originally a work of art carved on a glass plate with warm wax. However, the advancement of various modern processing technologies has enabled the production of lithophane using 3D printers.

Material used to create Lithophane

Printing lithophanes can be quite tricky. You want to get the right print if you use the ideal filament. It is possible to print 3D lithophanes using PETG and other materials. However, PLA is the best filament to use. Lithophanes are ideally suited for 3D printing on high-resolution SLA and FDM printers since they are finely detailed and delicate. FDM is popularly used due to the cost of the machine, material, and less post-processing time.

Best light sources for lithophane

We all know that a light source is necessary for lithophane but you cannot simply put any light source behind it. You can use Night Light LED, LED strip, or Puck LED for best results.

Lithophane gift ideas

Lithophane Lamp

A lithophane lamp can be the perfect gift for any occasion. Express your love with this warm gift. You can turn a photo into lithophane using a 3D printer. It would be a unique and personalized gift. You can choose the shape of the lamp according to your choice. A lamp like this would be a great decoration for your house. This customized lamp can be a stunning night lamp for any room, desk, or shelf. We have created a lot of Lithophane lamps which are loved by people.

Lithophane Frame

The 3D-printed lithophane frame comes to life when lit from behind. Lithophane backlit photo frames make a unique gift for all occasions. Lithophane is a great way to preserve your memories. Such customized lithophane gifts can surprise your loved ones.

Lithophane Keychain

We often carry keys everywhere we go and a keychain reveals a lot about the person. A lithophane keychain could be a perfect gift for your partner. Whenever the keychain is held against the light, the image would appear clear.

Lithophanes are available in different shapes which makes them more attractive.

  • You can get a sphere lithophane which can be used for globes or during Halloween. You can also use a spherical lithophane to print your photos.
  • Coming towards square lithophane you can use it as a frame or as a 2D/ 3D lamp. If it’s a 3-dimensional square you can print a different photo on each side. Such square/rectangle lithophane can also be used to make keychains.
  • A cylindrical lithophane can be used to print photos which will look quite amazing.

Why 3D Print lithophanes?

  • In comparison to other printing projects, Lithophane proves to be less expensive. This is because it uses fewer 3D filaments and can be created in a shorter amount of time.
  • We can reproduce any photo with precise features using 3D printing. It provides you with the opportunity to make something different. This is why 3D-printed lithophanes have grown in popularity in the market, particularly for personalized gifts.
  • It proves to be more feasible because lithophanes are easier to create than other 3D printing products. Even the simplest designs can be printed in a few hours, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

If you wish to surprise your loved ones gift them one of these products and they’ll be happy to see it. 3D printing lithophanes is not that easy but our expert team is here to help you. Get on a 15mins free call with us and we’ll create your masterpiece.

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