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Industrial Models Ideas for Exhibition Marketing

Marketing in an Exhibition can be a challenging task. Competition is increasing every day while the exhibition space is increasing at a slow rate.

Exhibition space in the Middle East has increased by 2% while exhibition participation has increased by 7% every 5 years. This means less space and more utility rent paid by exhibitors!

Hence, every exhibitor needs additional marketing tools that can attract crowds who are bombarded by stall designs.

Unlike Stall Setup which can take a huge amount of expenses. Miniature models usually cost less and bring a bigger impact to your marketing.

Here are some industrial models that may spark some inspiration and become your weapon during your exhibitions.

1) Scaffolding Model

Scaffolding is something that is used in construction industries to attach heavy-duty items and projects. Showing images of construction may look dull and not unique compared to your competitors. But having a scaled model like this can stop people from walking on their tracks and look at your model. The details of scaffolding look complex and more interesting on a miniature model.

2) Solar Energy Model

Energy companies are looking for ways to showcase their complex to their prospect. Unlike other models, this model has its own platform along with LED lights for branding. Hence, its a stand along attraction that you can place anywhere in your stall and give presentations.


3) Container Model

Container Models are becoming a hot trend in the market. Everyone is trying to reuse containers and convert them into data centers, restaurants, houses, mosques .etc. The best parts is the cost reduction that comes when you use ready-made containers and makes it an attractive option to clients.

4) Ship Model

Ship Model is the kind of model which you will see a lot. Especially if you are participating in boat shows and marine events. This is one of the best way how marine & yacht manufacturing companies present their products to visitors. Once the first impression is made and leads are collected then they are given a detailed tour of the boat on a scheduled day.

That means if the first impression is not good then your customers will not see the rest of the boat which will affect sales. Thus, marine companies invest a lot in scaled models of boats for good reasons.

5) Architecture Models

Surely, one cannot miss architectural models when visiting an exhibition. Some of the building model projects could be small while others are massive in scale at 10m wide. Raw 3D Printing Architecture city like the above is a great balance between cost and quality. If you need a larger size 3d printing model then Macoma Tech is here to help.


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