Best 3D printing home decor ideas

Best 3D printing home decor ideas

Looking for inspiration for your next home design project? Why not consider some 3D printed home decor. Decorating your home has never been easier but 3D printing has made it easier. We’ve got you covered with these 3D printing decor ideas, whether you want to print a new lamp for the living room, a backyard fountain, or even a famous piece of art.

1. Vase

A vase is one of the items that you can use as a container or a showpiece in your house. You can store real or artificial flowers in it to enhance your space. Instead of using a typical vase, you can make an appealing 3D printed vase by adding complex geometries. A 3D printed vase will impress your guests as well as add color to your room.

2.Lamps and Shades

When choosing the decor, we often forget the lamp that illuminates the room with light. Don’t limit yourself from choosing a traditional lamp when you can 3D print one. With 3D printing, you can customize the lamp as you want. You can use your creativity to design the lamp like a castle or your favorite fictional character. You can even get a lithophane lamp with your photo printed on it.

3.Key holder

It is hard to maintain keys in one place so it is mandatory to have a key holder. A key holder is much simpler than other home decor ideas. But this small home decor will help you in keeping small things in one place without losing them. A 3D printed key holder on the wall can give a unique look to your wall. You can even customize the key holder with a complex geometrical shape.

4.Candle holder

Candle holders are much frequently used but it is a must have home decor. Using 3D printing you can customize the candle holder and fill it with multiple colors. A candle holder can enhance and emit a lasting light. Such creative candle holders can be a great decor option during parties, holidays. They can also be used in terraces or living rooms to add fun and romance to your event.

5.Headphone stand

Headphones can make your desk or table appear cluttered and messy. But no more messy desks as you can 3D print a headphone stand to keep your desk tidy. With 3D printing, you also have the option to design a headphone stand according to space availability. You can choose a design that will allow you to access and use the headphone seamlessly.

6.Letter board

Some things are worth saying and what can be a better option than having a letter board at your home or office. By delivering a range of messages, a 3D-printed vintage letter board will entirely transform your living environment. The 3D-printed letter board can be used for a variety of purposes, including sharing your family slogan, capturing important experiences, and greeting guests with a cute message.


Plants at the desk can uplift your mood. But if you don’t have the time and effort to maintain them you can get a self-watering 3D printed planter. These planters are designed with a water storage tank. You can also get wall planters that add a charming touch to any patio. A planter can be a great option for decorating your living room. Besides, you can design a planter of your shape using 3D printing.

8.Wall Sculptures

Add color and dimension to your wall with 3D printed wall sculptures. Wall sculptures add a unique touch to your decor. 3D printing gives you the flexibility to choose a design from a wide range of images as well as customize an image according to your personal choice.

Hobbyists utilize 3D printers to create their own home decor. However, professional 3D printing businesses can readily 3D-print a variety of home decors based on your ideas and instructions. If any of these decor ideas amaze you, buy these home decor items from Macoma Tech at a pocket-friendly price.

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