Scaled Product Model

Build your product display model that sells to your customers. If you have an innovative idea then the best way to present is using a scaled model. Using our 3D printing technology and Post-processing workshop, your model can be manufactured with an accuracy of 0.025mm.


There are many ways to sell your concept to a potential client or investor. It can be done through a PowerPoint presentation, graphics, or market survey. However, doing a live demonstration of your product is the most effective strategy since that is something that people can physically touch. If you can achieve this then you have already outperformed your competitors. 

This is where our service can help you. Through our experience in diverse projects which we have undertaken in the field of marine, architecture & consumer products. We can provide personalized solutions based on your requirements. 

Benefits of Scaled Product Model:-

  1. Perfect to give a product demonstration to clients
  2. Great for marketing in events and exhibition
  3. Easier to display your product when the actual product is too big for transportation
  4. Automation and motors can be added to build an interactive display model

Our Process

1) Design

If the client gives us an image then we use the reference image to create a 3D model using CAD software. In case the design is provided then we check the manufacturing quality of the file. Many times the design is not a solid body so we fix this issue in the CAD and convert the body into a 3d printable file.


2) 3D Printing

Based on the size & resolution of the parts, different techniques of 3D printing are used. FDM printers are used for larger parts while SLA printers are used for smaller parts with high details. Occasionally we use CNC & laser cutting based on the geometry of the part.


3) Post-processing

The next step is sanding, priming, and polishing all the parts to create a smooth surface finish. Then a matt or gloss finish is applied which gives an attractive appearance. Finally, any props are added like stickers, palm trees, acrylic cover, glass .etc that gives a realistic view of the model. The above book trophy has a sticker coated with epoxy for a shining finish.


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