Scaled Architecture Model

Build a scaled model of your dream building using our 3D Printing Technology. We go from 3D design to manufacturing & Artistic Paint finish of your models. Based on your requirements, we can configure the dimension & surface finish of your project. Thus, creating a personalized quotation for your needs.

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Build a scaled model of your Architecture Project using our 3D Printing Technology. We go from 3D design to manufacturing & Artistic Paint finish of your models. Using 3d printing manufacturing, our lead times are faster and more budget-friendly compared to traditional hand model making. 

benefits of manufacturing scaled Architecture Model through Macoma Tech:-

  1. We provide design, 3d printing & paint finish in one complete package
  2. Faster lead time due to our 3D printing farm
  3. Different types of paint finish like gloss, matt, satin are provided
  4. Extra details like acrylic, stickers & prop items are placed to give a realistic view


Our Process


1) Design & Cleaning

If the client gives us an image then we use the reference image to create a 3D model using CAD software. In case the design is provided then we check the manufacturing quality of the file. Many times the design is not a solid body so we fix this issue in the CAD and convert the body into a 3d printable file. In the above project, we used software called ‘Rhino’ which allows us to convert your file into a more manufacture-friendly design.


2) 3D Printing

The next step is to use the slicing software and add the required settings. Here we decide the material, resolution, support, strength of the part along with other settings. Each design has its own custom settings so we do it in order to achieve maximum quality parts. Sometimes the model pieces are sliced and joined together separately in order to achieve the desired results. If the part has many details then we use SLA printing while larger and less detailed parts are made in FDM machines.


3) Post Processing

We follow this step if the client has a requirement for a superior surface finish. Using a series of production techniques like sanding, body filler, primer & paint gives a smooth surface finish to your final architecture model. Finally, components like stickers, acrylics & props are added to show a realistic view of the project.


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