Jig Saw 21V Edon

54.45 $

Create complex cuts & shape with 21V Jig saw tool

Technical specs:-

  • Model: OAF21-JB
  • Voltage: 21V
  • Stroke Range: 20mm
  • Strokes per minute: 0-2500
  • Cutting depth: 65mm
  • Brand: EDON
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Jig Saw is the most important tool for your DIY & engineering project after the drill machine. Using a proper blade, you can cut curves & holes on many materials. Hence, It’s a perfect addition to your workshop.

Jig Saw has the following applications:-

  1. cutting curves
  2. wood cutting
  3. metal cutting
  4. concrete cutting
  5. ceramic tile cutting
  6. cutting countertops
  7. making bevel cuts

Here are the specs below:-


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