FAT-0102 Air Cut-Off Tool – Blue/Silver, 3 Inch

28.00 $

  • Item Name: Air Cut-Off Tool
  • Brand Name: Ford
  • Product Type: Garage Tools
  • Color: Blue/Silver
  • Size: 3 inch


This Ford FAT-0102 Air Cut-Off Tool was built for hard work. With a specialty of exhaust replacement, you can cut off mufflers and tailpipes quickly, efficiently, and quietly. Great for use in any vehicle repair market. This pneumatic tool can cut and grind various materials. Cut off saw uses a 76.2mm cutting disc. Lever has a safety lock-off. Includes wheel and spindle wrenches. It’s air inlet is 1/4 inch with 6.3 bar working pressure, 20000 min free speed, and 156 l/min average air consumption.


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