Custom Interior Decor Products

We manufacture your interior decoration idea and deliver the final paint finished product. Using 3D printing technology, any shape and size of the product can be created. Our post-processing team is able to produce surface finishes like Gloss, semi-gloss, matt, eggshell & metallic paint finish that beautifies the appearance of your product.

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Interior Decoration products have a complex shape that gives an aesthetic appearance to it. This is great for decoration and impressing the audience, however, it is challenging from a manufacturing point of view. Having a product like this is difficult to manufacture on a 3-axis CNC machine and manual hand-working will take too much time with a loss in production accuracy.

To solve all the manufacturing problems, 3D printing is the best technology to create interior decoration products. 3D printers can build complex shape parts with 0.1mm of tolerance and it is much faster than traditional methods of mold making.

Benefits of 3D printing your interior decor products:-

  1. Any Shape & Size of the product can be made
  2. Design changes can be added easily
  3. Faster lead time
  4. Easier to apply a paint finish

Here is our detailed process of how we made an interior decoration wall product


Our Process


1) Design

If there is no 3D model of the product given by the client then we design it using our CAD software based on images and descriptions provided. In this wall decor product, a design file was given to us which we had to repair in order to make it a 3d printable file.


2) 3D Printing

We 3d printed the first sample product with one hand. It was made with PLA which is a bioplastic material. After the approval, we continued the batch production of 5 products from our 3d printing farm. 


3) Surface Finishing

This is one of the most critical steps in manufacturing since its the appearance of the product that sells. After 3D printing, the support of the parts is removed and cleaned. A Lot of sanding, body filler & primer is applied to convert a rough into a smooth surface. Finally, a metallic paint finish was added to give a metallic touch as specified by the client. Above is the end result as you can compare. Learn about our post-processing service in more detail.


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