Custom Bearbrick Teddy Bear

Here is a customizable Bearbrick teddy bear sculpture that can be manufactured and painted according to your specific requirements. We can make this model in various sizes, shapes and different color schemes. Get this Bearbrick teddy bear sculpture and create a friendly environment around your business


What is it?

Here is the famous BearBrick Teddy Bear that creates a playful environment around your business. Kids love this type of statue and produce calm emotions in their minds. This Bearbrick teddy bear is made from bioplastic and it is 1m in size!

Here are the following benefits of this Bearbrick Teddy Bear:-

  1. Creates a friendly environment with its presence
  2. Kids are attracted to it and good for marketing
  3. mesmerize anyone looking at it which creates a lasting impression
  4. Size, Shape and Painting personalized to your company requirements
  5. Great for display in public places, malls, restaurants and hotels
  6. Rare Collectibles Item

Who is it for?

This product is for anyone who loves to Collect a rare item of bearbrick or want to use it as a display in their business. It could be for various reasons like luxury, marketing, decoration, creating friendly environment or might even remind them of their childhood.


1) Size

There are many options for sizes. The height of the sculpture can go from 10cm to more than 100cm. There is no limitation in terms of size so it can be made according to your requirement and budget.

 2) Material

If the Bear Brick teddy bear is small in size then it can be made in transparent resin. This will show a mesmerizing finish and object will appear out of this planet. If the teddy bear is larger in size then it can still be made in transparent material with multiple parts joined. We tried to reduce cost by 3d printing the whole transparent teddy bear in different parts as an experiment which you can take a look.

3) Painting

teddy sculpture painting

Painting is the best part of this features as any number of color combinations is possible. This is where the surface of the bearbrick becomes smooth and brings a lively effect. We have made a few color schemes which you can choose from or you can send your color scheme to us.


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