3D Printing Event Rental

If your event is based on innovation & tech showcase then you can take it to a higher level by renting our 3D printers. Our State in the Art technology produces high-quality parts twice the speed of other printers. We provide our machine along with an operator so that the 3D Printer keeps on running and engages your audience.

We can print the following items to promote your event:-

  1. 3D Printed Business cards
  2. Keychains
  3. company logo
  4. sculptures

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3D Printing is a revolutionary technology that has the ability to create any complex part just by using plastic wires. Before this technology was used for prototyping but now it is able to compete with traditional manufacturing methods. However, most people lack the understanding & possibilities this technology can provide.

Macoma Tech is a 3D Printing Company that not only manufactures custom parts for clients but also looking to add value to the community through educating people about 3D printing. By partnering with us, we can make your Event more successful & technologically advanced.


What is our Value Addition to your event?

  1. Running 3D printers attracts the attention of the crowd
  2. Our Operator will educate the audience about how 3D printers work
  3. We custom design keychain or any other props related to your event & distribute it
  4. 3D printing of your business card can be done to impress potential clients
  5. Our portfolio of 3D printed products will be a showcase


Some of the Events we participated



We had a stall in the Innovation bus of India Pavillon where we showcased our technology and engaged with professionals from various industries. Our 3D printed business cards and expo2020 keychain were distributed completely.


UAE Innovate

Our 3D printers were displayed in an Abu Dhabi tech event called ‘UAE Innovates’ where we displayed 2 of our 3D printers along with many of our 3D printed products. The audience was crowding our stall and it was difficult to keep up the production of the event logo.


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