3D Printed Business Cards

Give a great first impression to your clients by giving 3D Printed business cards. This will help your business to be more memorable in networking events and create lasting impressions. We design a personalized business card for your company and produce it in large quantities.

Your 3D business card can be of any color, shape & size so the possibilities are limitless.

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This personalized 3D Printed Business Card will give a more memorable effect to your potential clients. Using this type of business card will give your company an edge over the competition. The material used is a bioplastic which is made from agricultural residue & hence it’s good for the environment.

Here are some of the benefits of 3D Printed Business Cards:-

  1. Creates a lasting impression on your potential clients
  2. Useful in large networking events & conference
  3. Material is environmentally friendly so it promotes the eco-friendly theme
  4. This can also be used for business, event, and wedding cards


Our Process


1) Design

Based on the existing business card, logo & information provided by the client. We make a 3D model of the business card which is sent for approval before starting 3D printing.


2) First Test

We produce the first sample piece to check the expected quality of the print. Normally we check the quality of the text on a business card since that is the part that might need re-iterations. Our main design practice is to minimize the text as much as possible and only keep the most useful information. This results in minimum chances of bad quality prints. Above is an example of 3 different test pieces we made for the client. The one with the light blue color looks the cleanest so they choose that.


3) Batch production

After the design is finalized & the sample is approved, then we proceed with planning batch production using our 3D printing farm. New G-code files are made where multiple 3d printed business cards are manufactured together which minimizes the lead time.


4) Quality Check

There are occasional quality defects on a few pieces which get rejected in the Quality check process. Each part is visually checked by the operator to see any signs of defects. This is the reason we print a few extra business cards to accommodate for this. We printed more than 200 pieces of the above business card for his conference.


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